Saturday, 1 December 2012

Miss You

I just made this out of boredom and inspiration. Well, originally this is for a friend, but I was able to have fun in making this. This is the second latest short story I wrote because I just wrote my latest on November 19 this year. I'm not sure if this is worth posting but I'm posting it anyway. 

I hope you'll be able to have time in reading this. 

Oh yeah, did I mention that this is a fanfiction? Okay, now you know. If you want, you can just imagine as if the name of the guy is the name of your boyfriend or crush or... yeah. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Huang Zitao. However, the rest are mine. -bows-

NOTE: No to plagiarism.
Another NOTE: I edited it a bit. Just two sentences.


It was raining hard outside. You were sitting in front of your study table using your laptop. You were surfing the net and chatting with a friend. You sighed. You weren’t really the type to actually feel depressed over nothing. But hey, the weather suited you just fine. You might as well add the fact that you were alone in the house tonight. For some weird reason, when you got home from a jog, all of your family members were nowhere to be found. They left you a note that they would be back tomorrow afternoon. It was definitely not helping your situation.
I can already feel the distance.” You typed as a reply to your friend.

You dropped your head on your desk, forehead first.

In all honesty, you weren’t really feeling depressed because of no particular reason. Heck, you just didn’t want to admit it, but you actually had not seen your boyfriend for almost two weeks and it was bothering you. It might seem like a short amount of time but for you, it felt like months. And the both of you barely kept in touch because of your busy schedules. He was busy with his career while you with your studies.

You turned your head to the laptop’s direction to see what your friend replied to you. You immediately sat up and stared at your laptop’s screen as if it grew a head. ‘WHAT?!’

You stared at the innocent text, hopefully thinking that it would change into something else. But it seemed like no such miracle would happen. You jumped out of your seat and hopped on your bed, rolling on the latter.

He’s on his way there, by the way.” was your friend’s reply.

You took a pillow and hugged it really tight. You went out of the bed, and replied to your friend.

Tell him not to.

You walked to your bed again, this time, bringing the laptop with you. It’s not like you didn’t want to see him. Heck, you had been thinking about the moment you two would meet again for almost two weeks! But now, you actually felt some distance between the both of you. You didn’t know how to look at him.

Too late.

You buried your face with the pillow in your hands. You didn’t know what to do anymore. You didn’t have the guts to talk or message him as of the moment. You groaned. You wished time would stop. You needed more time to prepare yourself in meeting him once again, because you know it was inevitable, he was going to come over. Tonight.

Speaking of which, why was he even thinking of taking a visit at this hour? It was already 8:18 in the evening, and he would probably arrive at around 9. You groaned again in frustration. “What the freaking hell?!”

You read your friend’s reply again. She added “He left two hours ago. Oh, did I mention that he‘s bringing a cake he just baked? Okay, nevermind. Teehee~ :’>

Two hours?! What on earth was that guy doing?! Forty five minutes was enough to get here. And did she just put there ‘cake’. You blushed. Now you really wonder what your boyfriend was planning. There was no special occasion going on today. So, what?

You placed your right hand on your face. “Urgh... Damn you, Huang Zitao.” You uttered under your breath.

The next few minutes, you were happily chatting with your friend but you were talking about something else. You were trying to calm yourself by forgetting that your boyfriend was coming over. Not long after, your door bell rang. You felt a shiver run down your spine. You didn’t need to look over your window to know who it was. You knew it was him.

He’s here!” You told your friend. You pretty much forgot that it was still raining outside.

Good~ >:D

Come on! Help! I haven’t opened the door for him yet.” You replied.

You jumped in fright when you heard your phone, which was beside your laptop, ring. You thought it was Tao but as you read the name of the caller, you sighed in relief. You press a button and took the call.

“And what are you planning to do, let him freeze outside to death?” You were greeted with your friend’s sweet voice. She didn’t give you a chance to actually talk first.

“But I’m not ready to face him yet! “ You defended. You felt way too many emotions as of the moment.

“But he’s gonna have a cold. He’s gonna shiver, then he’ll have to sleep outside.” She cared for you and Tao, you knew that. She had always been supporting you two, not just as a couple, but as her friends. She would always tell you “It’s just a phase” whenever you think your relationship with your boyfriend got dull. And this is one of those times.

There was silence. “F-fine!” You replied. You walked out of your room and stopped in front of the front door. You stood there for a few seconds, and sighed the huge feeling that were crowding on your chest. After planning what you should say, you took the doorknob and opened the door.

And in front of you was your boyfriend, soaking wet. His gray deep V-neck long sleeveless shirt that actually showed his non-existent cleavage, his black not-so-tight pants, and black sneakers were soaked. His right arm wrapped around a big teddy bear probably half your size, while his left hand was holding a cake box.

Your mind went blank. The words that you thought of before opening the door just vanished in a snap of a finger. Now, you couldn’t say anything.

He smiled sweetly. “Hi.” He greeted. His soft voice lingered in your ear. You missed it so much. It felt like you haven’t heard it for a millennium.

“I’m losing it.” And you mentally slapped yourself. You were about to say “Hey” but you remembered that your boyfriend, just as his clothes, was soaked by the rain. So you immediately pulled him inside the house and told him to place whatever he brought in the kitchen.

You went up to your room and Tao just followed.

“Take a shower.” You said as you took your towel and threw it towards Tao’s face. You went into your closet and searched for your boyfriend’s clothes. Actually, this was not the first time your boyfriend came to the house, soaking wet.

After a while, you took out Tao’s change of clothes and handed it to him.

“You’ll get a cold if you don’t hurry and take a shower.” You pushed him inside the bathroom and closed the door. “Take your time, okay?” You sighed and went back to your bed.

I don’t know what to do anymore.” You typed and sent it to your friend in the chat. The reason why you told Tao to take his time in the shower was because you weren’t really ready to talk to him.

Just go with the flow.” was what your friend replied.

You sighed. There was definitely nothing you can do in this situation but to do what your friend said. She was right. You didn’t really need to be paranoid about the situation you are in right now. You were thinking too much. You continued replying to your friend’s messages until you heard the bathroom door click.

He’s out.” You entered, eyes glued on the screen.

Tao came out, wearing the white V-neck shirt and blue shorts you gave him, while wiping his hair with your towel. You pretended not to notice him coming out of the bathroom, but you stole glances at him when he was not looking.

I bet you’re staring right now.

... I’m not.

Oh really?

... Fine! Wet hair is nice.

You put down your laptop when you saw Tao coming your way. You closed it and went out of your bed. “Let’s go in the living room.” Not looking at him, you said, as you passed him.

You got into the living room and stopped right in front of the couch. You turned around, expecting to see your boyfriend, but to your surprise, there was no one behind you. You raised an eyebrow and went back up to your room but he wasn’t there either. You scratched the back of your head and decided to go down. As you were at the top of the stairs, you held your breath.

At the bottom of the stairs, your boyfriend stood, the big teddy bear on one arm and a bouquet of roses on the other. He gave you a smile, the one that would always make you melt. You didn’t notice but your lips cracked a smile at that. He nodded his head, asking you to join him downstairs.

Your mind was blank. You couldn’t think of anything, but your feet led you down the stairs.

You stood in front of him. He looked at you, still smiling. He moved the bouquet in his arm and said, “For you.” His voice, soft as always.

You chuckled and took the bouquet, “Thanks.” You looked at it in admiration. Then you saw a card attached to it.  You looked at Tao in question. He only smiled, motioning for you to read it.

Just simple words may not express everything that I feel for you right now, but I’ll say it anyway. I missed you.

Your heart started beating faster. He actually felt the same way. You looked up to him, and he gave you a meaningful look. He handed you the teddy bear, you took it, but you placed it on the ground. Tao’s eyes widened with what you did. He probably thought that you didn’t want it. He opened his mouth to say something but you stopped him by wrapping your arms around his neck. You were too flushed. You were feeling way too many emotions to actually say anything. You pulled him down a bit, making Tao bend down a little, as you buried your face on his left shoulder. You didn’t need the teddy bear. You had Tao in front of you. He was all you need. It was him that you want to embrace and give all your emotions in that one hug.

You didn’t see it but Tao’s eyes actually widened. You could feel his body stiff. But later, he smiled again and his body relaxed, hugging you back.

He was too sweet for you, but you didn’t hate it. Every little effort he gave made you realize that you were still loved. How could you even feel so down with not seeing him for almost two weeks? You stayed like that for a while. And when you finally decided to let go, you whispered to his ear. “I missed you too. I missed you way too much.”

You let go and looked up to him. He was trying not to look at you by looking at another direction. His face was beet red. You chuckled at how cute he looked, and bent down to pick the teddy bear and the bouquet off the floor. As you got up, Tao took the teddy bear from your grasp. You looked at him, and you really couldn’t help but smile at his little gesture. You held his free hand, leading the both of you in the living room.

You placed the bouquet on the coffee table before you eagerly sat on the couch with Tao and the teddy bear in tow. You let go of Tao’s hand, not noticing Tao frown as you did. You properly placed the bear between the both of you. After positioning the bear, you looked at Tao again and noticed him pouting at you.

You raised an inquiring eyebrow. “What?”

“You know, that hug back there wasn’t enough.” Again with his soft voice. You actually laughed inwardly as you remembered how much softer he talked compared to you. Sometimes you actually thought that you were the guy in the relationship.

“Well, you can hug this teddy if you need one.” You teased. You knew what he meant. He wanted another hug. But you had thought that it’d be fun teasing this big boy. “It’s kinda wet though.”

He pouted again. He took the bear and embraced it tight. You laughed. This guy was just so adorable!

“Oh yeah. I heard you brought a cake.” Tao loosened his embraced, and took a glance at you. He smiled, and so did you. He let go of the bear and intertwined your hand with his. You both stood up and went into the kitchen.


“Is it chocolate?” You eagerly asked, as you were waiting for Tao to pull the cake out of its container.

He smirked at you. “The one and only.” He said, as he pulled out the cake out of the box.

You stared at the cake and smirked. “Interesting visual we have here.” You commented on the cake that was decorated as a head of a panda.

Tao laughed at your comment. He took a knife, and as he was about the cut the cake you stopped him.

“Let’s take a picture of it first.” You suggested. It would be such a waste to actually cut the cake but it was food! You couldn’t NOT eat it!

Tao laughed at you again. “Let’s take a picture of it with us then.” He said, as he took his phone out of his pocket and pulled you by the waist to him.

You yelped at his sudden action, and looked up to him. He winked at you. “What on earth did he just do?! He just winked, didn’t he?!”

So Tao positioned his phone above you, him, and the cake. Thinking that it would waste some space, you took the cake and put it just below your face. He counted until three and took the picture. Tao seemed to appreciate the photo, and smiled at it for a while before putting his phone back in his pocket.

As he turned his attention back to you, you already let yourself have a piece of cake.

“What kind of chocolate cake is this?!” You blurted out after you took a bit. Of course, the cake didn’t taste bad; in fact, it was delicious! You just wanted to tease Tao, who, to no surprise, fell for your lie.

His face fell. “Is it really that bad?” He asked softly, as he looked at his slice of cake in worry.

You put your spoon down and pinched both of your boyfriend’s cheeks. Then you pushed the sides of his lips upward. “I was just kidding. It’s delicious I could die.” You said as you gave him a sincere smile.

Tao gave you an ‘are-you-sure-you’re-not-kidding’ look.

You laughed out loud. “I’m serious! It’s yummy.” You said, and took your cake and spoon. You took a spoonful of your piece of cake and held it in front of Tao. “Here. Taste it.” You told him, hoping that it’ll make him feel better.

Tao looked at you and then chuckled. He put his attention to the spoon with a cake and then to you before opening his mouth and ate the cake.

“See? I told you it’s delicious.” You said as he nodded. His smile was from ear to ear, probably happy at how good his cake was.

The both of you talked the whole time you were eating the cake. You were catching up on the times you both hadn’t seen each other. Even if you both finished eating your slices of cake and took the utensils away, you still continued on until you yawned. You looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, and it showed that the time was already 12:32 past midnight.

“Wow. Time sure flies.” You said as you took your gaze away from the clock and turned to Tao. “Let’s get some sleep.” You stood up from your chair and stretched your stiff body.

Tao nodded and smiled. “Sure.” He said as he stood up and stretched a bit also. After that he took your hand and you both exited the kitchen. You both locked the doors and windows, and turned off the lights. You went to your room with Tao behind you, you yawned again. You turned around, planning to say something to your boyfriend. But you ended up realizing soft lips were pressed onto yours.

After a good ol’ 3 seconds. Tao pulled away. Your eyes still wide in surprised. “I want to cuddle you to sleep.” He said and smiled cutely.

Your face softened. Damn. How could you even resist this guy? Well, actually, you couldn’t. You could only chuckle. You both lay on the bed, facing each other.

Then you started feeling your eyelids getting heavier. “I’m glad you came tonight.”

He smiled and touched your cheek. “I glad I came too.”

You moved a bit closer to him. “Thank you.” You stared at him straight in the eyes.  Then you closed your eyes and pressed your lips against his. You pulled away after a very few seconds, and moved back. “Good night.” With that you were off to dreamland.

Tao could only look at you and laughed at your actions. He moved closer to you, as he wrapped his arm on your waist, and kissed your forehead. “Good night.”