Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Just bought chocolate

Hello, guys! Here's a post of another short story of mine. Can I even call it one? Well, anyway. This is just really short. I made this on November 19 this year.

Just a little trivia for this monster. This was made because Meg and I thought of making short stories within 15 minutes for old times sake since we used to do this kind of thing. The prompt was "Chocolate", thus the title of this baby --- Just bought chocolate. I finished this in 20 minutes and edited it in 10 minutes because Meg kept asking for extension. So yeah, she finished her short story in 30 minutes.

Note: I changed the names of the characters from the original. And the picture used isn't really the chocolate that is being used.

Disclaimer: I do not own the picture used in this post.

Anyway, have fun reading. :)


“Why am I doing this again?” Trevor asked as he scratched the back of his head, looking at the girl walking beside him.

“I have no idea. Go ask yourself.” Adrienne answered the lad nonchalantly, as she kept up her pace, walking ahead. “I already told you that I’ll be fine by myself. Why won’t people believe me?” She added as she turned around, giving him her bored stare.

Trevor glared at Adrienne. “Oh shut up.” He said as he put his hands inside his pockets.

They were hanging out with their friends in the mall. While the rest decided to take a time to rest for a bit, Adrienne decided to go somewhere. Trevor could care less where the girl was going; unfortunately, their friends weren’t giving him a slack. They forced him to go with her, telling him that the two of them could finally get some alone time.

Okay, Trevor liked Adrienne. So what? That didn’t mean they had to be all lovey dovey, right? Because, come on, think about it. Adrienne, a girl who could drive anyone away with her glare, paired up with him, a genius delinquent. Well, he only looked like a delinquent. Anyway, “Adrienne + Trevor” will never be equal to lovey dovey nor sweet.

He finally saw Adrienne stop, and went inside a shop. He followed her inside, looking around. He could see all different kinds of sweet things there. He grimaced. He wasn’t really fond of sweets much. A moment later, Adrienne tapped on his shoulders. He turned around.

“I’m done.” She raised a bag of the things she bought.

He raised an eyebrow. “Okay.” He turned to where the door was and started walking. “So what did you buy?”

“Just chocolates.” She replied, looking through her bag of sweets.

“Oh.” He looked back at where they were going.

“Here.” He heard her say. He looked at her and found a poker-faced Adrienne holding a box of chocolates to him. He stopped which made Adrienne stop on her tracks too.

Adrienne put down her hand, nodded, and started walking once again. Had Trevor taken the box out of her hand a second later, Adrienne would’ve taken back the chocolates away from the lad. Good thing he hadn’t. Did she mention she would hit the daylights out of him? Yeah, nevermind that though.

Trevor didn’t notice but his lips curved into a smile. It was the first time the girl he liked gave him something... well, sweet. His smile turned into a sweet grin. He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment and bit his lip, resisting his smile. He ran to her and finally matched Adrienne’s pace when he caught up to her.

How was the ending? I was wondering what to do with it, really. I hope it's okay. ^^ 

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