Sunday, 18 November 2012


This was made on May 5, 2012. This was a dare or a request that a friend asked me to work on. When I made this, it actually had a time limit. I think it was 15 or 20 minutes. Well, anyway, this was fun to make. I hope you will all like it.

*NOTE: The characters are real people. But the incident isn't real. 
*Another note: Do not claim this drabble as if it's yours. I know I'm not pro-level yet when it comes to writing to be saying that but I just want to make sure that what's mine is safe. That is all. Thank you.
*Disclaimer: I don't own the picture used in this post.


Rai put down the book she was reading on her lap, as if slapping the air in front of her, pouting. Why was she pouting? Well, she was waiting for oh so good friend, Tatsumaru, who she was supposed to meet up today. She was in a bookstore inside a mall, sitting on the floor and reading the damn book she just aggressively slammed on her lap. It had already been a good ol’ thirty minutes since the planned time, and hell there was DEFINITELY NO TATSUMARU IN SIGHT. She sighed. She stood up and started walking down the stairs, placing her hands inside the front pockets of her jacket. Midway down the stairs there was another path where a pastry-coffee shop stand and other books were displayed. Rai took that path, smelling the scent of coffee and pastry as she went inside.

“I’ll take this.” Rai’s eyes popped wide open when she heard a familiar voice. She turned around, and found the guy she was waiting for minutes ago in front of the pasty-coffee shop counter.

Tatsumaru happily took the bag of cookies he just bought. He took a cookie out of the paper bag, and turned to Rai’s location. “Oh. Hi, Rai!” He waved at her like a little kid, and took a bite of his cookie.

‘What do you mean “Hi, Rai!”, you bastard?’ She stomped to the counter and stopped right in front of the taller teen, glaring at him.

The lad blinked once with the cookie on his mouth, then twice. He took another cookie from the paper bag with his free hand and handed it to her. “Want some?” He smiled, not even thinking that he actually made the lass wait for him.

Rai just stood there, glaring at him. A few seconds passed, she clenched her teeth, and did what she didn’t expect to do. Well, not really. She took the cookie in front of her and took a bite on it. She turned around.

“You’re late.” She said with her back facing Tatsumaru, skipping.




  1. I will say this a thousand times if I have to! But even after reading it for the nth time, the subtle and simple interaction between the two idiots never fails to make my teeth rot from the cuteness GOOD GOSH.

    1. Thanks, Rai. I know it's simple. I'm glad to know that from you. hahahah! Thank you again!